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Horse Training Services in West Jordan Utah

We specialize in providing professional training for horses of all breeds and skill levels

Basic Training

  • Ground manners and basic obedience

  • Leading, tying, and grooming

  • Saddling and bridling

  • Introduction to obstacles

  • Trail riding basics

Advanced Training

  • Complex obstacle training

  • Advanced riding skills

  • Improving overall performance

  • Trail riding with greater difficulty

  • Competing in horse shows

Behavioral Training

  • Addressing bad habits

  • Improving overall behavior

  • Improving behavior in certain situations (e.g. at shows, on trails)

  • Solutions to separation anxiety

  • Dealing with fear and phobias

Performance Training

  • Improving overall performance

  • Preparation for horse shows

  • Improving specific skills (e.g. jumping, dressage, etc.)

  • Helping the horse reach its full potential

  • Preparing for competition

Trail Riding

  • Trail riding basics

  • Advanced trail riding techniques

  • Trail riding safety tips

  • Enjoying scenic trails

  • Trail riding with a group

Horse Training Services We Provide

Our stalls are spacious, clean, and well-maintained. Each stall is equipped with a feed bin and nearby hoses for watering.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced trainers with a passion for horses

Our trainers are not only knowledgeable, but also have a deep love for horses. They are dedicated to helping each horse reach their full potential.

Flexible training plans to fit the needs of each horse

Our training plans are tailored to the specific needs of each horse. Whether a horse needs individualized attention or group lessons, we have a plan that will work for them.

Individual and group lessons available

Both individual and group lessons are available at our center, giving horses and riders the opportunity to get the training they need.

Convenient location with indoor and outdoor arenas

Our center is located in a convenient location and features both indoor and outdoor arenas, providing a safe and comfortable environment for horses to train in.

Positive reinforcement training techniques

We believe in using positive reinforcement techniques in our training, making the experience for both horse and rider a positive one.

Check out our other services

In addition to our standard boarding services, we also offer a range of additional services, such as blanket changes, hoof care, and veterinary services.

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